What are some fast ways to learn spanish?

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Question by : What are some fast ways to learn spanish?
I don’t like slow paced activities. Everything I do has to be fast. I know not every method to learn spanish is slow. What are some fast ways to learn spanish?

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Answer by bruvvamoff
Fastest way is to move to Spain, alone.

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8 thoughts on “What are some fast ways to learn spanish?

  1. Rosetta Stone works real well, thats how my sister learned Italian and I am in the process of learning Italian on it. It works real well for learning foreign languages

  2. Hello Jay, The fastest ways to learn spanish are to remain motivated, appoint your time wisely and most importantly have fun while learning a second language!

  3. There is really no ‘fast way’ to learn a language. Anything that promises to be super fast is a marketing gimmick designed to sell (take your money) and then entertain you for a short while. You might learn a few words or some parts of Spanish but none on its own is sufficient to learn. When I started I spent a fortune on false promises of ‘learn quickly’.

    The best way to learn is through hearing the language. Things like rosseta stone will accelerate your initial vocabulary because hearing the sound of the same word many times will make it stick in your memory. Any audio cd will do the same. Things like this can act as a supplement but it won’t make you fluent. (I get the impression there are resellers from various companies on here so take some recommendations with a grain of salt.)

    Some understanding of basic sentence structures (i.e. grammar) will also help. It makes sense out of how to say things and more importantly to understand what is said. But don’t learn by grammar alone though. Many courses are based on the idea that you take the grammar rules to create output (talking). Even a parrot ‘can talk’ but they don’t really understand what they say. The same goes for talking with grammar, but it does help to speed learning when combined with hearing the language.

    The opposite is what works. By ‘hearing’ your brain starts to break down and understand the patterns of what is said by building a subconscious internal understanding of the grammar. That is what leads to talking. But it takes time and substantial input until you can talk.

    If you have money look for a teacher online and start there. You won’t understand much to start nor be able to say much but the frequent repetition of words will start to stick. And you will hear full Spanish sentences used like they are in real conversation.. Work with some books at home to supplement what you learn as most online teachers are not that organized and many have no course or handouts. That will work a lot faster than any other gimmicky method out there.

    When you reach an intermediate level, start watching movies and programs with subtitles. Listen in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. But pay attention because often the subtitles are slightly different (shorter) than what was said. More scientific programs tend to be slower and more clear to start. Soap operas help with common sayings but are fast.

    Oh and an online chat can help as well. You’ll need intermediate Spanish to be able to chat, but when you reach that point, chatting is helpful. It is sort of like a slow motion conversation and gives you time to think (or look in a dictionary when necessary).

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